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Hatt & Associates is an independent, global aircraft sales company. Our experience and expertise allows us to handle complicated transactions and offer invaluable guidance. We utilize our large network of connections to secure the best deals for our clients, while providing a personal touch because we know their interests well.

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Aircraft Bring Us Together

Sales aren’t the only reason we’re in this business. We help clients realize their goals because we understand the power of aviation. Whether it’s in the left seat or in the cabin, flying moves us. It leads to new destinations and creates opportunities. We share that excitement of possibilities with our customers. Any day with a takeoff is one we’re eager to start.

Our crew is constantly looking to see what’s over the horizon and try new experiences. We’re a company that pushes ourselves, constantly expanding offerings, without sacrificing the individual service and values Hatt was founded on. We strive to be the experts clients turn to for all acquisition and brokerage decisions. We’re your trusted partner on every transaction.

President Brad Hatt keeps customers stocked with what were then cutting-edge electronics at AlliedSignal.

Proud of Where We’ve Been

Our aviation roots go deeper than the name Hatt & Associates. They date to President Brad Hatt’s father, a Korean War fighter pilot named Willis Faux. As chief pilot of the Des Moines Flying Service, Faux flew dignitaries such as President Truman while Brad started washing planes, changing oil and learning the ropes. Of course, he took to the air himself, soloing in a Piper Tomahawk at 16.

Brad and his wife Melanie before a flight home from Colorado on a King Air.

Breaking into Beechcraft

After college in Nebraska, Brad moved into aeronautic radios, serving as director of OEM sales in 10 years. Then he joined Beechcraft in Wichita, Kansas, spending 17 years with the iconic company, becoming the youngest VP in its history. As Raytheon acquired both Beech and Hawker, Brad continued his climb in the new company. He served as president of Hawker Beechcraft commercial aircraft, managing a business unit worth more than $2 billion in revenue.

Brad joins his colleagues at Raytheon, the then parent company of Beechcraft.

A New Legacy

Brad struck out on his own in 2010, first consulting for business legend Jack DeBoer, then creating Sojourn Aviation with Don Dwyer and Gary Wright and eventually partnering with Ken Ricci and Directional Capital. Sojourn focused on the brokerage and acquisition of pre-owned aircraft. In 2015, Brad went full circle in working with his family in aviation, creating Hatt & Associates with son Jayson, who first led marketing, then as vice president of sales and now partner.

Aviation is not where we work. It’s where we live. Brad Hatt — Managing Partner, Hatt & Associates

Willis Faux, Brad Hatt's father, flew dignitaries as a private aviation operator, including President Truman.


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Our extensive global network includes partnerships with:

  • Aerolineas Ejecutivas
  • Aviaservice
  • CBA Jets
  • Corporate Aircraft SA
  • Empire Aviation
  • JetHQ
  • Hawker Pacific Singapore
  • Lider Aviacao
  • Mach Aviation Services LTD
  • TAG Aviation

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