Market Insights with Tyler Bowron

February 23, 2022

Partner Tyler Bowron recently spoke to AvBuyer’s Matt Harris about the state of the preowned aircraft market and what buyers and sellers can expect from coming year.

Bowron shared Hatt & Associates’ insights about the industry, including challenges that buyers and sellers face, and inventory and pricing changes. He also did some forecasting for 2023 and shared ways that first-time buyers could benefit from the experience of seasoned professionals.

In one question, Bowron was asked about the differences in the recovery of the 2008 Great Recession and today’s post-pandemic marketplace.

“In terms of its uniqueness and although the lead-up to the Great Recession in 2008 felt similar, 2021 was certainly different,” Bowron said. “For example, the available inventory today is well below what we’ve ever seen before. In 2008, the popular markets had around 5% available inventory. Today, some of the popular preowned markets have zero available inventory.

“That’s not to say that aircraft aren’t available to buy. They’re just selling before they reach the open market in most cases.”

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